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  COVID-19 Relief Work
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  • COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Donation

    Finances / List of Donors

    SEBS Updates

    SEBS NA Updates

    SEBS-NA is a Section 501(C)(3), charitable organization. Our federal Tax ID for SEBS-North America is 54-1998889 which is in good standing with IRS reporting since 2000. In the past organization like The World Bank, EduVision, Clean-Up Nepal has partnered with SEBS-NA for various fund raising and social causes. We have very strict monitoring policies on how the funds gets disbursed in Nepal. We partner with SEBS in Nepal to appropriately disburse the funds. We are also the only organization that do not charge any fee or have admin fees for donor. We transfer to the recipient, 100% of what we receive from the donor (less financial institution charges).

    During this time of uncertainty, SEBS-NA has been providing financial help to our alumni facing hardships in North America, as well as organizations in Nepal who are providing relief to local communities. We have so far donated approximately $11,000 from our emergency relief funds for these efforts, concentrating in the following areas below:

    1. Budhanilkantha School (BNKS) alumni residing in North America who have been affected by the pandemic.

    2. Budhanilkantha School Online Learning:
    To deal with the enforced lockdown, BNKS has been conducting online classes for the last few weeks. Recently, BNKS sought our help to provide a laptop to each teacher so that they can conduct online classes more efficiently (there are a total of 75 teachers in BNKS and only 5 of those teachers currently have school issued laptops). In coordination with BNKS, BSEF (Budhanilkantha School Endowment Fund) and SEBS entities worldwide, we are actively working towards helping BNKS achieve its goal of providing a laptop to each teacher.

    3. BNKS alumni affiliated organizations that are currently involved in providing relief to local communities in Nepal.

    To be able to continue providing meaningful support, we are reaching out to you requesting financial donations.

    SEBS-NA will coordinate and work with SEBS in Nepal to carry out the Covid-19 relief work in Nepal.

    Donate via:

    1. If possible, use Zelle to to avoid processing fees. Please mention For Laptop in comment.

    2. Members in Nepal can donate by eSewa here

    3. Donate using your major Credit Card or PayPal

    US $ for COVID-19 Pandemic Relief (Note: Paypal will deduct in your converted local currency)

    Please like our SEBS-NA facebook page and share with others:

    If you want to mail a check, make it payable to "SEBS-North America" and mail it to:

    SEBS North America
    3348 Conquistador Ct,
    Annandale, VA 22003,
    United States

    Phone Number:



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